1000 Arm Avaloketishvara Hand Soldered Pendant (SMP29)

0.01 lb

Quantity: 1 Unit – (Sold Individually)

Material: Token Soldered Using Lead Free Solder

2.2" (57mm) - Height
1.8" (46mm) – Width

*If Needing Quantity DM Me With SKU# SMP29

Avaloketishvara, in the beginning of his Bodhisattva career, took a great vow “Should He Ever become disheartened in saving sentient beings, may his body shatter into a thousand pieces.” and due to this vow, he became the symbol of Overwhelming compassion and determination. Different variations of Avaloketishvara are depicted as female as well.

This Item Is Handmade. Due To The Nature Of Soldering Each Piece Is Unique & No Two Will Ever Look The Same.